Sew Caring Needs

“A child comes in here wearing a diaper and a kitchen towel held together with safety pins; what do you want that child to have?” It’s a sobering question, but also a freeing one when it comes to listing needs. What do you want such a child to have? Basic needs such as a warm blanket, onesies, sleepers and cold weather garments of course. If all is needed, welcomed and used, then what do you want to make?

Overlooked Items Are NEEDED

When I worked in a nursing home, I had the pleasure of playing BINGO with the residents. It was a great time for family to come and socialize with the residents, and the prizes given to the winners really meant a lot. I remember a resident winning an oven mitt and kitchen towel at BINGO. She was delighted. She no longer could shop on her own and her daughter was having a birthday soon. Her delight was to be able to give that prize as a SURPRISE gift to her daughter. The staff helped her find wrapping paper and ribbon to get her get the gift in order. Remembering the excitement of that day makes me think that that opportunity can happen again.

Residents also have needs that we overlook. For example, adult bibs can be more than a green towel with a Velcro closure. In that same nursing home a wonderful and thoughtful volunteer made adult bibs for men. She made a bib that resembled a hunting shirt. All it took was some plaid flannel and a few buttons. Talk about giving dignity.